by Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer

directed by Holly M Wright

Production Dates TBD

Featuring: Ian Holcomb, Tom Foran, McKenna DuBose

produced by The NOW Collective



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That Which Thou Canst Undo

created by [REALITY PENDING]

directed by Holly M Wright

Collaborators: Sondrine Bontemps, Kelsey Mitteness, John King

Performed at SQUARE1 Oct 31st - Nov 3rd, 2019

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"Something True"

by David Beardsley

directed by Holly M Wright

featuring: Ryan Beaghler and Jamie Lowenstein​

Presented as part of The Downtown Urban Arts Festival

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Tiny Fires.jpg

"Tiny Fires"

by Allison Flom 

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Quincie Mychelle Lewis, Jason Michael Miller

Presented as part of Shotgun Shorts, produced by Sitting Shotgun

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[reality correction]

created by Sam Casey and Holly M Wright

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Sam Casey

produced by [REALITY PENDING]

Presented as part of The Doomsday Cabaret

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Pretending - poster_edited.jpg


by David Beardsley

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Michael B. Andersen, Julia Enos Woods, Justine Musselman​

Lighting Design: Larry Saperstein​

Presented as part of NY Summerfest

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

by Adam Long, Jess Winfield, Daniel Singer

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Sam Casey, Justine Musselman, Octavio Yattah​

Lighting Design: Larry Saperstein​

Presented as part of FITS, Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Sibiu, Romania)

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MASKS: An Ode to Young Women

conceived and directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Marlina Devery, Abby Gumpper,

Sarah Hurley, Gabby Papa, Tamar Rubin​

presented as part of the 37th Annual Dyson Fellows Conference held at Pace University on March 25th, 2018

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"The Mystery of the Blue Jar"

adapted by [REALITY PENDING]

conceived and directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Anastasia Beliakova, Quinn Corcoran, Michael Elliott, Chance Riley Kester, Tori Budden, Matthew Malloy

Lighting: Bryana Zanotelli, Stage Management: Shari Freeda, Dennis Ebert Jr., Sound Design: Michael Elliott​

Presented as part of the Devised Theatre Festival

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"Rise & Grind"

produced by [REALITY PENDING]

conceived by Nick Mayfield, directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Nick Mayfield

Presented as part of the Pace Performance Series

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The Boy in the Church

by Harold Hodge Jr.

directed by Holly M Wright and Harold Hodge Jr.

Featuring: Isaac Anderson,Tori Budden, Darnell Davis, Madeline DeFreece, Michael Elliott, Ray Harris, Bradley Levine, Paige Madkins, Jason Marrs, Nick Mayfield, Devin McCall, Rob Milano, Chrizney Roth​

Scenic: Olivia Bennet; Lighting: Ryan Goff; Stage Management: Daniel Smith

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"Family Units"

created by [REALITY PENDING]

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Brandon Adam, Anastasia Beliakova, and Quinn Corcoran​

Original Music: Anastasia Beliakova; Sound Design: Michael Elliott​

Presented as part of the Pace Performance Series

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TRIGGER WARNING: A Play about Youth and Stress

conceived and directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Ryan Beaghler, Sam Casey, Quinn Corcoran, Erin DiIorio, Tom Pastor​

Projection Design: Quentin Madia; Costume Design: Chris Darbassie​

Published in Transactions Vol. 20

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Malcontent: A Workshop

a new play by Isaac Anderson

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Quinn Corcoran, Nick Kennedy, Kayla Torrey, Octavio Yattah, McLain Powell, Hunter Clark, Henry L. Flego, Zach Carter​

Lighting Design: Tanner Simpson; Sound Design: Avery Stray; Costume Design: Hunter Clark​

produced by The Rose Grew Here

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BKK/NYC: a workshop

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Zach Carter, Harold Hodge Jr, Blahboom Wisarut Homhuan, Matthew Malloy, Net Pongpladisai, Xander Pretorius, Remi Segal, Wat, Holly M Wright​

Created in collaboration with the International Performance Ensemble and Chulalongkorn University

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"The Ugly Duckling"

by A. A. Milne

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Sondrine Bontemps, Maggie Brown, Danny-Tyler Downer, Beliz Eryilmaz, Andres Goldszmidt, Addi Kamb, Wendy Kraemer, Nick LaLonde​

Stage Management: Evan Kraemer; Costume Design: Maggie Brown; Set Design: Julian Goldman; Lighting Design: Janine Rodgers

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The Vagina Monologues

by Eve Ensler, produced by Wendy Kraemer

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Anna Barbier, Edut Birger, Beliz Eryilmaz, Kiana Fong, Yasmine Hamady, Sioned Hughes, Addison Kamb, Margaret Kamb, Ramona Kamb, Gillian King, Amber Li, Janine Rodgers, Nina Shirolé, Rebecca Vincent ​

Stage Management: Maggie Brown; Lighting Design: Janine Rodgers; Costume and Make Up: Julia Perl Nelson

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"The Lottery"

by Shirley Jackson

adapted for the stage by Brainerd Duffield

directed by Holly M Wright

Featuring: Anna Barbier, Thomas McAulay, Dakota Baker, Lydia Jones, Amber Li, Jeremy Kelem, Wendy Kraemer, Danny-Tyler Downer, Marcus Goldszmidt, Jessy McKeown, Nick Lalonde, Ben Lee, Hanwen Zhang, Axel Clavier, Rebecca Lamis, Jamie Hattler​

Stage Management: Jenny Salwitz; Scenic: Julian Goldman; Costume: Sarah Seidner; Lighting: Janine Rodgers; Props: Lianna McFarlane - Connelly; Make Up: Leyla Carefoot

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Mozart/Salieri + The Bear

by Alexander Pushkin and Anton Chekhov

directed by Janice Orlandi

production stage manager and assistant director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Diego Tapia, Ruta Pauliukaityte, Gordon Grey, Shai Bear Dov​

Scenic: Irina Vesna; Lighting: Steven Johnson; Costumes: Dominique Kelly; Sound: Rytis Valiunas

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The Emperor's New Clothes and More Magical Stories by Hans Christian Andersen

adapted for the stage by Barbara Zinn Kreiger

original music by Charlie Greenberg

devised and directed by Adrienne Kapstein

production stage manager and assistant director: Holly M Wright

Featuring: Ayla Bellamy, Tali Custer, Emmanuel Elpenord, Laura Hankin, Nadav Wiesel​

Scenic: Peiyi Wong; Lighting: Barbara Samuels; Costumes: Leslie Bernstein and Kate Mincer; Sound: Mark Van Hare; Puppetry: Eric Wright; Props: Katherine White

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The Motherfucker with the Hat

by Stephen Adly Guirgis

directed by Phillip Christian Smith

assistant director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Ro Milner, Sara Ornelas, Chris Russell, Ruslana Sokolovskaya, Michael Desouza​

Stage Manager: Callie Stribling; Lighting Design: Edwardo Brito

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The Rose Tattoo

by Tennessee Williams, directed by Dana Greenfield

Assistant Director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Irene Glezos, Vance Barton, Juliet Brett, Ashley Scott, Brenda Currin, Joel DeCandio, Christina Stone, Joslyn Defreece, David Telson​

Stage Manager: Holly M Wright; Lighting Design: David Shocket;

Music: Tiappa Klimovitsky; Costume Design: Matsy Stinson;

Puppet Design: Christina Stone

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The Ancient Mariner Project

developed by Strike Theater Co.

directed by Adrienne Kapstein and David Eric David

Assistant Director: Holly M Wright​

January 2018 Workshop featuring: Brandon Adam, Emily Bruner, Karina Casiano, Brian Huynh, Josh Marcks, Rob Milano, Robert Ross Parker​

Costumes, Props, Set by Deb Oo; Projections by Sara Wentworth;

Stage Manager: Holly M Wright

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by Aristophanes, directed by Cosmin Chivu

Associate Director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Mesa Story Melton, Justine Musselman, Hannah Sikora, Kayland Jordan, Miles Sullivan, Brandon Adam, Elena Pontecorvo, Olivia Vordenberg, Mazvita Chanakira, John Coyne, Rob Milano, Zach Carter, Quinn Corcoran, Jason Marrs, Essence Brown, Erin DiIorio, Kelsey Leland, Michaela Marymor, Chrizney Roth, Austin Ryan Backus, Zane Fair, Zander Pacella​

Assistant Director: Borna Ben Barzin; Scenic Design: Ryan Goff; Costume Design: Sammy Mainzer; Lighting Design: Griffin Proctor; Sound Design: Jordan Porch; Projection Design: Steven Medina; Choreography: Madeline Rodrigue; Original Music and Lyrics: John Coyne; Production Stage Manager: Stephen Stanec; Assistant Stage Managers: Lady Del Castillo, Richard Sommerfield

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The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare, directed by Lester Thomas Shane

Assistant Director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Karim Nematt, Ashley Scott, Jason Marrs, Josh Call, Daniel Scandura, Kaylee Simonson, Cooper Koch, Alec Kirazian, Cory Shanbom, Brianna Gentilella, Jake Simard, John Coyne, Ayade Rice, Nick Mayfield, Nick Jeffs, Zane Fair, Ryan Beaghler, Tommy Lewis, Kaycee Murto, Bethany Burnham, Katelyn Sparks, Hannah Sikora, Cassy Pogensky, Oliva Vordenberg, Parker Aimone, Dylan Kevitch​

Choreographers: Evy Vaughan, Madeline Rodrigue; Lighting Design: Charlotte McPherson; Scenic Design: Olivia Bennet; Costume Design: Delaney Davidson; Sound Design: Jordan Porch; Original Music: John Coyne: Production Stage Manager: Stephen Stanec

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by Brian Friel, directed by Lester Thomas Shane

Assistant Directors: Holly M Wright, Avery Stray, Rania Al Rashoodi​

Featuring: Nick Tavo, Hayley Griffith, Jeremy Kreuzer, Madison Reiske, Declan Eells, Cydnie Hampton, Keith Boratko, Mikey Anderson, Jade Ziane, Riley Suter​

Scenic Design: Chistopher Jensen; Costume Design: Tristan Raines; Lighting Design: Graham Kindred; Sound Design: Megan McKay; Stage Manager: Sari Schein

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Drop Dead!

by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, directed by Grant Kretchik

First Assistant Director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Jacob Ariel, Cory Shanbom, Nick McNeil, Schuylar Doemling, Jake Williams, Leon Hinata, Taylor Harlow, Maren Lavelle, Caroline Lyons, Girault Seger

2nd Assistant Director: Nick Mayfield; Scenic Design: Anastasia Romantsova; Lighting Design: Courtney Kubach; Sound Design: Megan McKay; Costume Design: Adrianna Covone; Stage Manager: Emily Venezia

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The Arabian Nights

by Mary Zimmerman, directed by Jim Shelby

Assistant Director: Holly M Wright​

Featuring: Eugene Fry, Andrea Allen, Cory Gayton, Axel Clavier, Noah Uz, Addi Kamb, Tatiana Boyle, Jeremy Kelem, Amber Li, Sondrine Bontemps, Dennis Mashevsky, Sivan Spector, Dakota Baker, Sam Woodbury, Tommy Farley, Elana Loeb, Tamar Barlev, Max Mahle​

Technical Director: Kristen Lo; Stage Manager: Ivy Sanders Schneider; Scenic Design: J. Goldman; Costume Design: Julia Perl Nelson; Hair and Make Up: Maddie Atmore; Lighting Design: Kelcy Campbell; Sound Design: Ashley Roe

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