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Anxiety: An Epidemic

Created and Directed by Holly Wright

Mentored by Cosmin Chivu

Anxiety: An Epidemic began as a research project through Pace University's Undergraduate Student-Faculty research program. It was inspired by the youth mental health crisis in Palo Alto, California, where Holly grew up. The first phase of research culminated in a short play entitled "TRIGGER WARNING: A Play About Youth and Stress, OR, Seeking Perfection: The Story of a Young Girl" originally presented as part of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Dyson Society of Fellows. More information can be found here.


Ryan Beaghler, Sam Casey, Quinn Corcoran, Erin DiIorio, Tom Pastor

MASKS: An Ode to Young Women

A Look at Anxiety through the Lens of Social Media

Holly was awarded a CURE grant to continue her research on Anxiety: An Epidemic through the Lens of Social Media. Her research generated the short story "The King Who Lost His Smile" and a movement piece entitled MASKS: An Ode to Young Women that was presented in March 2018 at the Dyson Fellows 36th Annual Meeting.


Marlina Devery, Abby Gumpper, Sarah Hurley, Gabby Papa, Tamar Rubin

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