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Holly is a Glasgow-based theatre maker and director, with an artistic vision to bring theatre to the people using the power of live performance to awaken the soul, spark meaningful conversion and radically connect with the audience. Her research is centered around multi-sensory storytelling, crafting phenomenological storytelling methods where lived experiences of the audience shape their interpretation of the work, and Slowest Dramaturgy—a new dramaturgy that proposes a radically inclusive and caring method of theatre making.


She is drawn to movement as a method of communication that transcends spoken language. Movement and gesture work opens up a deeper instinctual response to storytelling. It is something we recognize in our bones across cultures and some seemingly insurmountable social barriers. She has her own unique movement style inspired by Lecoq, Growtowski, and Brechtian alienation.

Holly graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Directing from Pace School of Performing Arts as part of the International Performance Ensemble with high distinction and again in September 2022 with an MLitt in Theatre and Performance Practices from the University of Glasgow. She is a founding member and artistic director of [REALITY PENDING], a devising ensemble dedicated to challenging our perceptions of the world today through multimedia-based, immersive, and interactive performance.

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