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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

by Adam Long, Jess Winfield, Daniel Singer

directed by Holly M Wright

What happens when two professionals and a friend off the street try to do all thirty-seven of Shakespeare’s plays in seventy minutes? A little bit of chaos, a lot of hilarity, and more cross-dressing than one would expect. Through witty story-telling, pithy interjection, original re-imaginings, situational comedy, a cooking show, a game of American Football, and a touch of audience interaction, Shakespearean haters and admirers alike will take delight in this marathon. Many have said it could not be done - they would be wrong. It can be done! Watch as this trio of clowns (probably) accomplishes the impossible in “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)”, a high-speed roller-coaster-like peak-a-boo look at all thirty-seven of the Bard’s masterworks in seventy minutes - and don’t forget the sonnets!

Presented as part of FITS 25th Anniversary Edition

(Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, Romania)

The Cast

Sam Casey

Justine Musselman

Octavio Yattah

The Crew

Lighting Designer — Larry Saperstein

Sound Designer — Avery Stray

Costume Designer — Sammy Mainzer

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