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Ancient Mariner Project

created by Strike Theater Co.

directed by Adrienne Kapstein and David Eric Davis

assistant director: Holly M Wright

Ancient Mariner, STRIKE Theater Company's first full-length production, is an immersive, interactive adaptation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The experience unfolds around the spectator-participants and includes them as they become the crew of a 17th century sailing ship, navigating the rocky sea by starlight. 

Together, utilizing both high-tech wizardry and the most ancient theatrical devices, we go in search of adventure, stumble into unintended environmental devastation of our own making, and reckon with collective responsibility

January 2018 Workshop featuring: 

          Brandon Adam, Emily Bruner,

          Karina Casiano, Brian Huynh, 

          Josh Marcks, Rob Milano,

          Robert Ross Parker

Costumes, Props, Set by Deb Oo

Projections by Sara Wentworth

Stage Manager: Holly M Wright

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