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The Elaborate Rouse presents...

No One Goes to Heaven*

No One Goes to Heaven* tells the story of dead married couple Tim and Lynn realizing that being in heaven does not equal resting in peace. Through ethereal travel, celebrity sex, and a responsible use of glitter cocaine, St. Peter, Tim's Nana Millie, and Amy Winehouse help the couple redefine eternal love when they are faced with a literal eternity.

The Devised Theatre Festival

Presented at Schaberlae Studio Theatre in association with Pace University, produced by Holly M Wright

December 14th - 16th, 2017

Additional information here.

Alcohol, Honey, & Sh*t presents...


Prophetic ice cream. A sinister Collector. A sacrifice gone wrong. BEAST: A folk tale for the Digital Age, follows Angela, an outsider of the whimsically crappy, middle-of-nowhere Bastardville, as she races to save her town’s beast from a villainous beast Collector.

The Eclecitc Collective presents...

Memento Mori

Based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story of the same name, Memento Mori is a white-knuckled adaptation that follows a man’s struggle for vengeance, while simultaneously suffering from a condition that encapsulates his life to a short-term memory span of ten minutes. But how can he trust anything around him when he can't even trust himself?

The Neighborhood Watch presents...


A musical adaptation of Daniel Swenson’s short story, BURN follows a brother on his search for his sister Alexa, a stubborn young woman with the ability to telepathically summon fire. Three actors play a dozen different characters all set to a folk-rock score that releases the inner tensions and irreversible releases when revenge and desperation go too far.

[REALITY PENDING] presents...

The Mystery of the Blue Jar

A mysterious tale with hints of the supernatural that follows war veteran Jack Hartington as he navigates otherworldly forces and joins with psychologist Dr. Lavington and a beautiful stranger Felise Marchaud on a journey towards the blue jar, a seemingly magical relic that may hold the key to his problems.

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